Classroom of Storytellers


What constitute one’s own experience? What does it mean to embrace an impossible assimilation? What do you need in order to “understand” something, or even the world at large? Isn’t it an endless and boundless process? And isn’t it greater than one’s own physical life? So how to apprehend something? Are you willing to contend with the slow synthesis? Or are you inclined to go with a convenient explanation instead? What do you see and feel when you walk into an art space? Object? Light? Darkness? Sound? Air? Frustration? Confusion? Nausea? Yourself? Anybody else? you also see a storyteller?

Classroom of Storytellers is initiated by Judha Su after an plain utterance that: “what should be brought along with the artwork is the air.” This motive has later become a discursive structure—air as a pedagogical method. It is conceptualized by diverse resources related to Ghost:2561, and configured into two main elements: the classroom and the anthology. Started since September 1st, 2018, The Classroom of Storytellers outlines a hypothesis of what should one acquire in order to compose one’s own (unfinished/incomplete) story about art. The curriculum takes 5 weeks to finish; the classroom is a commitment of chosen storytellers to work with the Ghost:2561 series. Storytellers are neither exhibitions guides or didactic machines. Rather their beings are to remind audiences that there is no such a perfect description that illuminates one’s own experience, but it is a constant process of learning from one to another. Find storytellers of Ghost:2561. They are living, they are alive. They might be part of your stories, and vice versa.