Rachel Rose

Sitting Feeding Sleeping (2013)

OCTOBER 11th–28th, 2018

Nova Project Space

Rachel Rose is deeply engaged with the materiality of the digital, and she extends this to how we perceive our relationship to the world. For her, the material is linked to the notion of a spectrum of time in which living beings continue to mutate materials where disparate histories come together within one image. Moreover, Rose believes that death is the most abstract, vacant state.

Sitting Feeding Sleeping video weaves together a dense narrative that explores nature and technology through images of animals, AI–controlled robots, and cryogenically frozen corpses. It is shot in a cryogenics lab, where nitrogen–pumped bodies circulate their own blood. In a robotics perception lab, where machines read human emotion. And in zoos, where animals live extended lives emptied of sexual, social, survival cues. It takes on a very particular journey through contemporary constructions created around different life forms, from medical breakthroughs to basic scientific facts to animal care within zoos.